Sometimes you just have to do something crazy!
And I definitely did that this week. Just three days after moving house with a family of four I packed my bags for a trip to London. Not for leisure but hard work – of cause!

I joined Mnoo School on wedding photography with the incredible Marianne Taylor and my personal photography hero Mr. Ed Peers. I expected a lot, but not this – to meet a wonderful group of very talented and like minded photographers who were so happy to share their knowledge with the group. The main conclusion beeing: Maximise LIFE – not profit!
I also didn’t expect to be chased by a belling stag during a photo shoot! You should have seen us running!

mnoo-001 mnoo-002 mnoo-003 mnoo-004 mnoo-005 mnoo-006 mnoo-007

Part of the workshop was this shoot with the fabulous couple Emma & Pete who are also incredible photographers. It was funny because I had to shoot through limbs and bottoms of the others in the group, but I think regarding that, the outcome is quite good.

mnoo I-001__s mnoo I-002 mnoo I-003__s mnoo I-005__s mnoo I-005 mnoo I-006__s mnoo I-008 mnoo I-010 mnoo I-011__s mnoo I-012 mnoo I-013__s mnoo I-014__s mnoo I-015__s mnoo I-017__s mnoo I-018__s

I am so thankful for this whole adventure and bursting with inspiration and  ideas!


Workshop: Mnoo School
Speakers: Marianne Taylor, Ed Peers, Adam Alex
Models: Emma Case  & Pete Smyth



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